Subject : PhD Positions: Belt and Road Scholarship

Pan-Jun Kim's group ( at Hong Kong Baptist University invites the application for Ph.D. positions under the scheme of Belt and Road Scholarship (see below for more details). The applicant is encouraged to send the cover letter, curriculum vitae (including academic qualifications, awards, research experience, and publications), and copies of transcripts to Dr. Pan-Jun Kim at panjunkim (AT) hkbu (DOT) edu (DOT) hk by March 21, 2019.

  Pan-Jun Kim’s group is undertaking cutting-edge research with predictive computational modeling and large-scale data analysis, which will lead to breakthroughs in our understanding of collective dynamics of biological systems and its medical applications. Recent experimental technologies have generated enormous amount of biological data at various scales. Computational methodologies developed in mathematics, physics, computer science, and engineering enable modeling and analyses of complex biological processes. In Pan-Jun Kim’s research group, the specific areas of interest include global microbial ecosystems inside human body and their medical implications, and various metabolic, regulatory, and signaling networks inside/between cells and their emergent functional outcomes. More information can be found from

  About Belt and Road Scholarship: The Education Bureau (EDB) of Hong Kong offers a new scholarship named “Belt and Road Scholarship (Research Postgraduate)” (the Scholarship). Hong Kong Baptist University is invited to submit a total of 8 nominations. You could refer to the letter attached for details. The Scholarship is offered to outstanding research postgraduate (RPg) students from the Belt and Road countries. In AY 2019/2020, up to 20 scholarships will be offered to first-year non-local RPg students from these countries, who are enrolled in full-time publicly-funded research postgraduate programmes in Hong Kong. The selection criteria include academic performance, contribution to the institution/society, leadership, communication skills, and interest in integrating into and contributing to the Hong Kong society.

  The Scholarship will cover full tuition fees of the awardees for the normal duration of the programmes (i.e. up to 2 years for FT MPhil, 3 years for FT PhD students with an MPhil degree, and 4 years for PhD students without an MPhil degree). Annual renewal, subject to satisfactory academic performance, is required.